KC for Snap On and Off

Would be much better than a toggle!

Why don’t you like toggle? Toggle is great. Saves you space so you can use your keys for other key commands.

I don’t like toggle either. Toggle is a problem because:

  1. you need to know what the current state is; I’d prefer to press a key without searching for the icon on the screen, and KNOW that snap is on or off
  2. it’s impossible to make a macro which includes a defined snap state

This second one is a workflow killer for me. For example, I’d like to effect a macro which:

  • turns snap on;
  • sets grid to bar, and;
  • sets ‘grid relative’

Can’t do it…

Okay, I can see that. But toggle is still very useful. I wouldn’t want to have to use up extra real estate on my key board if I don’t have to. It wouldn’t hurt to have both a toggle command, and an absolute pair of commands. Just as long as toggle stays there too.

Exactly. I waste hours in a week searching for that tiny icon.

It’s a deal then! Let’s have both…