KC: How can I select a Project Workspace with a key command?

Let’s say I’ve got 10 Global Workspaces programmed in my template and while working in it, I’ve created 10 more Project Workspaces.
Now, I’d like to assign key command “control + 7” to my 5th Project Workspace, which is actually number 15 in my Workspaces-list…
How can I do that?

On my system (N8.2) the key-command-window shows me that I can only assign key-commands to Workspace 1 to 9…?
What am I doing wrong?

AFAIK only nine ws can have kc…

Thanks for your help Tumppi,
Isn’t it strange that you can’t assign a KC to a workspace “of your choice”?
I can live with the concept of “max 9 workspaces to be assigned to a KC”, but I can’t follow the philosophy of saying “there are 9 KC’s and they can only be assigned to the 1st 9 workspaces.

Another heritage from the imperfect past I’m afraid?
I will praise the day a programmer at Steinberg stands up and says; “I’m gonna solve all the annoying little imperfections”

Niek /Amsterdam.

Use Workspace X. Ctrl + Alt + Num 0.

Thanks for shining your light on this Stingray.
After experimenting with your suggestion I think it’s a great workaround, but it only works if the Workspaces-lists in all my projects are equal.

I use a couple (8) of Global Workspaces, and depending on the project I’m working on, I use a couple of Project Workspaces.
Sometimes I have 4 Project Workspaces, sometimes none, and sometimes 14 (??)
That means that the Workspaces-list changes when I change projects. As a result thís means that my Project Workspaces receive a different “sequential number” in the Workspaces List when changing projects…When I have “my favourite workspace” in “position” 11 in Project A, and a duplicate of that favourite Workspace in “position 9” in Project B, then can I use the “Workspace X-KC” of course , but that means that I have to remember that in Project A “my favourite workspace” is in “position” 11, and that “my favourite workspace” in Project B is in “position” 9, and I can’t see the benefit of this.

I still prefer a specific KC which recalls a specific Workspace.
In the KC-Window one can assign a specific KC to a specific Macro for instance, so that’s an example of the fact that it’s possible in Nuendo to assign a specific KC to a command which is actually being linked to “a name” instead of “a menu item”. I really hope someone at Steinberg sees the limitations of the current philosophy and changes it into something future-proof, or actually : into something flexible.

Niek/ Amsterdam