KC/Macros for Selecting Project Window & Selecting first MIDI note


I was wondering if there are any key commands or Macros for

  1. Selecting Project Window ( when I have multiple windows Score key editor, etc). I know how to change focus to the next window on Mac. "Project window is always the first one in the Cubase’s “Window” menu.
  2. Selecting the first MIDI note automatically when you open a MIDI part via Score or Key editors?

There is a KC to focus the Project Page no matter what other window is currently in focus i.e. key, edit, mix console is currently focused. Sorry I can’t remember the actual name. Focus Project Window? Next to cycle, it’s probably my most used KC.

As for number 2, I don’t know, but it would seem do-able either a macro or in Logical Editor.

I cannot find it. If you tell me where that is, I do appreciate it. I am sure I will be using it a lot!

Hey, chikitin! Commands>Project>Bring to Front

When I’m done writing all the keycommands down, I hope to make them into an excel document, collapsible and searchable. Then I will be able to think about keycommands anywhere and anytime! :astonished: :open_mouth: :smiley:

Thank you very much, ggmanestraki. This was a tough one! Maybe a an extra column in the excel sheet for key command descriptions :sunglasses:

Another reason why there needs to be an HTML page on the SB web site which explains -every- KC.

I also use Wavelab and it’s maddening to have to remember all the differing keystrokes in each app.

I can’t tell you how much I woulld appreciate -consistency-.