KC surround panner feature request

Please add a key command or midi controlable parameter for open/close surround panner on selected track.
please add midi control for all the surround panner parameters

Also, when I click the lock on the panner, it’s excellent. But it unlocks when you change window sets. I have a window set that the panner is a part of and I always have to go and lock it again when I go there. I would like it to always be locked if I lock it. So when I open it, it is what I’m expecting it to be.

A big +1 from me to all of this.

One of the big Pros of Nuendo has always been, that nearly everything was customizable. Colours, layouts, generic midi and keystrokes. In last times, new features are not longer assignable in customizing dialogs.

Two weired examples:
Surround Panner: No generic midi, but on the contrary assignable via quick controls
Direct Routing: No Keystrokes (would be really great for num-block…), but available in generic midi

Also, it would be really great if there was a KC/midi command for RESET (alt-click) and