KC vrs Eucon KC????

What’s the difference between a Key Command that you program for a function in Nuendo and a Eucon KC for the same function? They do not function equally.

Case in point. I wrote a KC for my X-Keys unit to open the channel edit window and I have the same KC via Eucon on my MC Control. If I use the KC from my X-Keys module, it will depend on where the select tool is in Nuendo. If I select the channel from the project window, it works. If I select the channel from the mixer, it doesn’t. But if I select the same KC from the controller, it works every time. Why is that? Why won’t the simple KC work from the X-Keys module EVERY time as well? :question:

If I understand thing correctly the issue is two fold:

  1. The MC Control uses Eucon which is a “direct” link to a command, not a key command. I think it’s the same with other devices you program in “Device Setup”; they use specific protocols that hook directly into Cubendo’s code. A keyboard, which is what the X-keys is, regular keyboards are, and other programmable keyboards are, basically just sends key presses, nothing else.

  2. Steinberg decided to completely screw up our key commands by requiring us to focus on a particular window to get a key command to work (thanks guys!:frowning: So I’d guess that’s never going to be solved ever again because they’re busy developing yet another vsti plugin we don’t need rather than getting the basic DAW functionality where it used to be or should be. This isn’t the only thing that sucks about the dumb requirement for window focus. Plenty of key commands I programmed got obsolete (without warning) all of a sudden.

Either way, that’s my impression of how it works.