KC's for Zones

Is there a KC Section for Zones? I couldn’t find anything in the Visibility Agents Section. I would like to program a “Quick Lock Macro” for my Groups & VCA’s. I think it would be faster and more efficient than Layouts on my controller. But I can’t find the controls for the Zones. Can anyone tell me where they might be?

So, does zero replies automatically mean the answer is “No?”

Could you explain differently what you want to do? I’m not sure I follow what you mean by “Quick Lock Macro” and “zones” (specifically).

I’m looking for the KC section for this function.

In Nuage, you can access this from the controller. I have had a 95% success rate in finding that same controller function on my MC Control. Sometimes it comes pre-loaded. Sometimes I have to find or write the command and assign it to a button or soft key. If I can assign it ti the controller, I can just pick a channel (or group of channels) and lock them temporarily to the left or right side of the mixer.

Using the mouse/trackball is tedious because the tracks I usually want to lock are at the bottom of the Zones List. When you scroll down to select one it pops back up to the top of the list automatically! So you have to keep scrolling down to find each track just to lock it temporarily! Then you have to do it all over again, one at a time, to unlock them.

I want to able to pick my channels right from the mixer, then hit my customized “Zone Lock Button” and lock said track(s). When I’m done, I want to release them as easily as I locked them. Right now, my only work around us layouts, which are NOT flexible.

Ah, I see. No idea then. Only thing I can recommend is a workaround, using different mixers with different tracks locked. The way I have done it in the past is;

mixer 1: flexible and syncs with project window
mixer 4: shows groups and outputs only (I watch this to verify routing)
mixer 3: VCA and groups for later stage mixing
mixer 2: no groups, outputs or VCA

And then for the above I have different things locked to suit the stage of workflow I’m in. So mixer 3 has VCAs and Groups locked on either side so they never move, but I’ll leave tracks available in case I need them.

That is a cool workaround! That’s a little more flexible than Layouts, which are great, but just not “fluid” enough. I guess it’ll be a combination of this work around with that work around to eventually come up with a relatively streamlined work flow. Thanks for the reply! :wink: