Keep an eye on the sales! Eventide Products 80% off till 31

Hey guys, thought I would share the bounty of some of the sales I have found.
Feel free to check them out and add your own.

Eventide products: ENDS AT MIDNIGHT
Even tide is having a sale that ends the 31st for up to 80% off their products. I jumped on the Blackhole reverb $50, normally $200.

Izotope products! They have some hefty discounts that last until January 6th.

I personally jumped on the RX plugin 69$, normally $130.

You got my hopes up! Then I noticed the Eventide sale ended 52 minutes (CDT) after you posted. Even the all caps didn’t help me go back in time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I literally found out about it maybe 4minutes before I posted. Those 4 minutes consisted of me purchasing it haha. Sorry :frowning: