Keep edits after you've bounced?

Hi, I recently got wavelab 12 and also want to edit with this software.
How can you keep edits after bouncing?
What is the best way of working to return to your steps?

Your question is too general, please be more accurate.
This being said, using the Audio Montage might be your way to go, according to what I understand from your question.

Hi PG1,

I’ll try to explain using an example:

I edited a live concert with many edits.
After this, I bounced the clips into one file after which I will set markers to make an album.
How can I edit edits later once the file is bounced?

Hopefully this is a bit clearer?

Did you use the Audio Montage or the Audio Editor?

Audio Montage

Then where is the problem? Once you have rendered some files, you can edit again the clips, etc. If you want to undo, you must do it in the same session. Once you quit WaveLab, you can’t undo the montage edits. But of course, you can still re-edit.

You can choose between Render files and Bounce Files in Wavelab.

Let me briefly explain what I did (a colleague told me that you have to make one clip from multiple clips before you want to add markers and metadata, I don’t know if this is correct)

I select all the clips in the audio montage

thereafter Bounce Selecte clips.

Now I have one clip to which I add markers so that I can fill in the metadata correctly to each Song/Work.

I render the full montage only after all the metadata and markers are placed correctly.

Well, these are two very different things.
What is called “Bounce” in WaveLab, is to render one or more clips to a single one. This allows to simplify a montage. This is an intermediary stage, while renders are final outcomes.

Bounce what really not done for this, but why not.
But why do you do this?

I edit live concerts, these must remain in their entirety for broadcast. But for the archive, I make markers so the archivist can annotate the separate titles.

Thanks again for your help

Then you should not use the “Bounce” function because, indeed, you lose the edits.
Instead, use the Render function to create a large audio file, together with markers, and set the metadata there. Alternatively, you can also recreate a new montage from this audio file (as an optional stage in the render process). In this way, your edits are all preserved.

Thank you very much for the advice. This is the best way to do it. :+1:

Yes, “Bounce” is a familiar term for Pro Tools and Logic Pro users but in WaveLab, “Render” is really what you want to do when you have dialed in your audio in the Audio Montage and want to create your final master files with that editing and processing applied.

I rarely use the “Bounce” option except if I’ve had to split up a song into multiple clips and for some reason would like it to become one clip again in the Audio Montage to work with more easily. Rare cases.

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Thanks Justin, I Will do it this way