Keep Event Selected After Gluing Please

If I select an event and Glue it to the next/previous event, the event is no longer selected. This adds an unnecessary step if I want to adjust the velocity, articulation, continue Gluing etc.


+1 here!

Agree. I want to glue 2 audio events together and use it one new audio event.

It makes impossible to create a following macro I wanted to use for that:
Glue + Bounce Selection
because I cant “reselect” the newly created event from previously selected parts.

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Maybe you can use ‘Select Events Under Cursor’ for your macro. First you select the events to be Glued then:

Cursor to selection start
Select events under cursor

IIRC Cubase will select the correct events as long as the correct track/channel is selected. Also, make sure not to use ‘Auto Select Events Under Cursor’ in your macro.

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Thank you!