Keep getting "Download Failed" iconica for iPad

I have an iPad Pro 12.9" Version 4 (6 gig of ram). I have 200 gig of free space. I just bought the lifetime access and I keep trying to download the iconica sketch, and the download speed seems good-getting to around 22% within 30 seconds or so, but it keeps saying “download failed” at that point. I’ve been trying since last night. Any help appreciated!

Sorry to hear about this. Make sure you don’t switch away from Dorico for iPad during the download: if the app goes into the background, the download will fail.

Thanks. I’m not switching away. just tried again-it got to 56% then failed.

EDIT: I shut down the iPad and restarted it and now it worked. Thanks!

I think persistance is the only way to get there. I came to 77% three times till it worked. What is rather dumb is that it always starts at zero again. Finally I put my iPad close to my modem overnight and had a successful full download in the morning.

It is a great improvement by the way :pray::blush: and I am happy it works also with more than 16 instruments on my iPad Pro despite having only. 4 GB CPU if the score is not “too busy”. Still have to test the limits.

Another imposible download here.
I’m spending the afternoon clicking in download and getting the Download Failed message…
Just bored now

Have you tried restarting your device? I don’t know why that would make a difference, but it’s worth a try.

Yes, I did several times, and still fails.
I just tried this today again and same bad behavior.
Top percentage I’ve got was 95%, but only once. Normally fails randomly between 5 and 60%
This is very weird.

That is very weird. I assume you have good, solid wifi to your device?

Yes I do. Top speed. This is not related to my equipment/installation or wifi.
Please, make this working asap.

Now that you have absolved yourself of any responsibility, what can you tell us that would help us delve further into the problem?

What computer OS are you using, what version? What Dorico version are you upgrading/updating from? Are you using SDA or downloading files individually from another address?

iPad Pro M1 (clean installation) latest iOS
Dórico Elements 4 to 5 (clean installation). Latest version.
I don’t know what SDA is. I just click in download on Icónica Skech Status under Dórico Preferences.
Internet fiber 1Gb/s

SDA = Steinberg Dowload Assistant

Hi Derek, I did not knew that there is a DNA for iOS
Where can I download it?

We are talking about iPads. There is no SDA for the iPad.

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Unfortunately I’m not ableo to fix anything here. The Iconica Sketch sounds are hosted on an AWS instance which has extremely good availability and uptime. There must be some kind of interruption in the download on your device. Unfortunately at the present time there’s no error recovery in the download process, so it needs to work in one go.

Not only in my device. More users are reporting this issue.