Keep last take?

Howdy everybody,

In Cubase 5 I used to record on audio tracks within a loop, until I finally got the take I was happy with and then I’d stop the recording. I had set it so that only the last take was left on the track by default, which was ideal.

Now, in Cubase 6 I can’t seem to get that behavior to work anymore. I can get it to automatically set it to the last take but it always has all the other takes left under it, so if I move the take, there are still older stuff beneath it which aren’t moved. I want it to work like it did before: Keep the last completed take, and if I wanted a previous take I could always right click and select one from the popup menu, or move the last take to the right and just extend it to the left to get earlier takes as well.

Anyone who has a quick solution for me? This is messing up my workflow. :wink: