Keep On Trying (Featuring Richard Farrel)- Funky Blues, crying guitar


All feedback is highly appreciated as this is RAW mix no 1, and my plan is to distribute it everywhere :slight_smile:

Now, introducing: KEEP ON TRYING

And have a nice weekend … :slight_smile:


Nice tune! Great bass sound, would love to see it more present on a future mix.

Good weekend for you too.

Hi NathanBros

Thank you - Tune is in “Crowd review” on reverbnation, so I will read the critic (also from here) and take all input into consideration in my next mix :slight_smile:


Nice sounds on bass and guitar particularly - lovely vibrato and a bit of slide? Singer has a nice bit of vibrato as well - sort of reminded me of Roger Chapman from family (which is a good thing)


Hi Pervi and Plectrumboy

Thank you for your comments :slight_smile:

@Plectrumboy - No slide,on this guitar as I`m not particular good at it :slight_smile: - But I “sort of” create the same effect by half bending notes until they are nearly out.

Gibson les Paul and there`s no whammy either