Keep Plug-in Controls On Top?

Hi all,

I use MixControl full screen on a 2nd Monitor. I use Waves v9 plug-ins. Is there a way to keep the Waves plug-in controls on top of the MixControl, even if I click on the Mixer window? Currently, they get trapped behind MixControl and I have to double click the insert to bring it forward again.

Sure, I could move them all over to the 1st monitor, but that’s not my workflow.


Right-Click on the plug-in window and select “Always on Top”. This will save with the project. (I can’t find any preference which enables this behavior by default)

AOT for a vsti will not work when mix console is in full screen mode.

I imagine the end goal will probably be to introduce something along the lines of the single window plugin manager they built into Wavelab. Unfortunately this will most likely happen in C8 at the earliest.

Can we expect in the near future to unable plugins AOT in the full screen monitor mode?

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Maybe Im missing something but plugins on top works fine for me. Works as expected on both my macbook (1 monitor) and iMac (2 monitors). I have plug ins set to AOT and mixer not AOT and full screen. Im able to have a vst open and make changes in the mixer with the vst still remaining visible. I made a video but it won’t upload but it does work. Editors on the other hand still don’t have AOT so I never use full screen mixer

AOT not works only in full monitor 1,2 … if it work on mac… that means its a bug on WIN7

Just to clarify: When you say “full screen” what do you mean? In Windows you can click that little box in the upper right and make it “full screen.” Or you could drag your Cubase window over multiple monitors, then drag your mixer wherever, and make it almost full screen.

The full screen we are addressing is Steinbergs “full screen” mode selected by right click a blank area on the mix console. Are you saying you can keep a VST on top of the Steinberg “full screen mode” after clicking anywhere on the mix console?

Personally I don’t have an issue with this because of my 4 monitors, only 2 have the Cubase Window stretched over them. The other 2 monitors are for Mixer1 and Mixer2 both in full screen mode set to the appropriate monitors. The other reason I only keep the Cubase window in 2 of the 4 monitors, is that Steinbergs full screen mode will cover up the 12 Cubase drop down tabs.

Yeah my mixer is on the full screen mode, not the drag to fit full screen. I use drag to full screen tho cause editors still hide behind the mixer. Doesn’t really bother me with a 27" second monitor for my mixer. I’m gonna try again to upload the video later when I’m at home.

I mean this … when you choose “full screen monitor 1 or 2” in the mixer … AOT not working!

Works fine here as always, but I newer use full screen windows, always drag them to nearly full size. Being doing this since sx3 and it works. As long as the window management is not rewritten it will stay that way. Maybe in a few years, who knows.

This is how I have it set up. Cant figure out how to upload the video but when I have the vst on top as shown, I can click anywhere in the mixer and the vst will stay on top. Maybe this is a windows issue?
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.13.17 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.13.09 AM.jpg

You convinced me!

Could anyone else with a mac confirm?

So, on mac works … but win7 have this issue :frowning:

@Steinbeg , can you give us some information about this problem?

Anyone tried 7.5.30 …Do you currently working always on top of the second screen?

Same behaviour as before on Windows 7 64.