Keep Plugin Window visible when bypassing effects in Montage


When working in the montage , it is common to want to bypass effects to check something.

I have the plugin window handling option set to Use One Window per Plug In.

If an active plug in window is visible, and the effects are bypassed that active plug in window ‘disappears’ . You need to click it again to view it when the bypass is defeated.

This can be slightly annoying.

Have I missed a setting?

If not, can I request that this … that is ‘an active plug in window remains visible on bypass of effects’ … be an option please.

Windows 10 Professional current build WL 10 Pro current update (10.0.70)

Thanks as always


With this request I should have made it clearer … the active plugin window only disappears if you use a shortcut commend (in my case ‘B’).

Bypassing manually, the active plugin window remains visible.