Keep settings for quantize, divided track list window, etc., on each individual project.

The reason for this that unfortunately there is a global setting based on the first project you load up when you first start Cubase for the day, that puts every project you open afterwards with the same setting for things like quantize and the upper Divided Track List window on top is quite disruptive to me. Most of my sessions have varying setting for these things, and to me it seems like most people would want this information to be saved with each individual project since they are very customized to each individual project. At least have the option for this, for those that for whatever reason prefer it the current way (?). This seems like a very straightforward feature all DAWs I’ve used or tried have, for a very good reason.

Honestly I have very little confidence that most of the mostly universally useful features requested here will see the light of day, given how many years some of the most basic ones still haven’t been implemented. I hope to be proven wrong!