Keep supporting the Generic Remote

There are lots of people here who have built great things using the Generic Remote. I’m heavily invested in it - I’ve made a huge number of controllers for it, in TouchOSC and Metagrid Pro. It’s useful and pretty easy to use. The Remote Editor on the other hand seems to be made purely for people with controller keyboards and the like with fixed knobs, or more DJ type uses. That’s cool and everything, but the Generic Remote has functionality that isn’t replaced by the newer incarnation. I spent some time trying to get the Remote Editor to do what I wanted, but the thing is that it seems to be designed to do what it wants how it wants. Why strip it out of the app? And why not offer a conversion tool, except for the fact that the new way doesn’t have all the functionality of the old way? I feel like it was an odd decision to make to just make something flashy that is less powerful than the previous thing and then tell us the old way is going away at some point. That could mean anything at all. What professional wants to hear vague warnings like that?

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Nobody else using generic remotes anymore?

I can’t imagine Steinberg would retire Generic Remote before MIDI Remote is capable of taking over the tasks of the former.

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I can imagine it.

@mlindeb is right.
At the same time, note that turning something to “Legacy” doesn’t necessarily mean “Abandon”. I saw the notification too, I somehow think they meant to write “The support provided” instead of “The setup provided”. At the end of the day, why remove a code segment which does its job as expected, but you simply won’t update anymore? I do have “Legacy” parts in my projects as well, I do notify users about it, and the reason is that “Legacy” parts cannot work with new generation APIs my projects follow. BUT this has to do with strict OS dependencies. In the case of the Generic Remote which simply uses MIDI, and exposes the properties it exposes, I see no reason to remove since I see no conflicts with the OSs supported. When MIDI 2.0 finally gets into play, maybe we can have this discussion again. But when this happens, I’m not even sure we will insist on keeping our “Legacy” projects active. Somehow there will be translation tools, either from Steinberg or from the outside :slight_smile:

That’s reasonable from a user perspective, but until I see any indication that they are improving the cumbersome (to me) and narrowly-focused MIDI Remote stuff, I’m wanting them to maintain support for Generic Remotes. And I never hold my breath for translation utilities. Seems like if they were going to do that they would have already.