Keep Your Favoreds - Post-Punk


Would love and welcome your criticisms and feedbacks on my new song.

Thanks for listening.

Here is a video for those who like visuals.

Sounds like a movie soundtrack. I like it though.:grinning:
I see it is a movie soundtrack on the YT clip.

Oneway thank you. :slight_smile:
The movie clip in the YT video is from the movie The Second Woman, from 1950.
Glad you appreciated!

I admire the ability to put this kinda thing together, there is money to be made in the gaming industry and this track would surely work in that sphere…

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Thank you knmack681 for listening!

Yes, I finaly intend to add it to the game, I give myself atleast more than 7 years to finish the game, as a solo dev on UE5.
Next month I’m getting a new laptop gamer PC, normally, so I could work even harder on my game with full HD screen and good colors.

By the way, I’ve updated the song, minor changes and mixing rework: