Keeping a track locked in solo


I am wondering if there is a way to keep a particular track solo’ed consistency, despite anything else being soloed or muted.

Can I, for example, have the vocal permanently locked into a state of being solo’ed, which muting and soloing other tracks or buses around it.

Thanks very much for any advice!


You can do this for the whole track. We call this Solo Defeat. You enable the Solo Defeat by alt+click or long-click to the Solo button of the given track.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the response! I seem to be struggling with this however. I have quite a complex routing for a channel. It is an audio channel - bus - another bus- another bus with other grouped instruments - another bus and then the output.

When I do solo defeat on the audio channel, it does not seem to work as expected, solo other channels mutes the audio channel. When I also solo defeat the buses, it has the same problem. Am I missing anything?

Thanks again!

well then you need to rethink your routing, that seems totally unnecessary and convoluted.
and with bus, do you mean group?
simplicity is a beauty

you need to think about the audio path all the way to output, if you solo defeat something that has a ocean of other stuff after, probably won’t work…