Keeping chopped up tracks in place when importing to new project with different tempo

I made a terrible blunder. I created a new session to sort out my (tuneless, out of time) vocals using a simple bounce of the music. I got it all where I wanted it but then realised the tempo was different to the main session. So now when I import the vocal tracks into the main session the selects are all overlapping and out of place. is there any way of importing tracks where they are aligned to themselves, rather than to the tempo of the session? Many thanks.

Hi and welcome,

Would the Edit > Move To > Origin function help?

Take your chopped up vocals in the editing Project and Render those down to a single audio file. Then in the Pool make sure that this new file is NOT set to Musical Mode* (i.e. the box is unchecked).

Now you can Import this audio into the main session & all the sounds will be at the same time (in mm:ss not beats) as they were in your vocal editing Project.

*There are 2 entirely different, yet somewhat related, terms in Cubase that are often incorrectly mixed up which can cause confusion - especially for new folks. Musical MODE indicates that an Audio File will stretch/contract along with Tempo changes. Musical (and Linear) TIMEBASE is a setting on a Track that determines if the timeline ruler for the Track is based on bars & beats or minutes & seconds.

Hi Martin, thats done the trick thanks! it put them way at the end of my session but they were all in the right place relatively. many thanks you saved me a good couple of hours work.

Raino thanks for your suggestion too. I was looking to keep them unbounced for now as i fine tuned the Vairaudio but I would have done this solution otherwise.

thanks both!