Keeping Clef Differences Between Score and Parts, and an Issue with Octave Changing Clefs

I am currently writing a piece for saxophone quartet, and I wish to have the bari sax written as a bass clef in the score, and as the usual treble clef in the parts, as to avoid excessive ledger lines in the concert pitch score. However, if I change the clef in the score to bass clef, it automatically changes it in the bari sax part, which is an obvious issue. Is there a way to unlink the score and parts such that I can keep the bass clef in the score, without worrying about the bari sax part being in the wrong clef?

Additionally, when attempting to change the tenor sax clef from treble to tenor, neither the playback, nor the notation will change. I checked for the same issue on cornet, piano, trombone, horn in F, clarinet in Bb, violin, and soprano and alto singers, and the tenor clef doesn’t work on playback and notation for any of them. Testing it on a tenor singer, the tenor clef works, however the treble clef then doesn’t work. The issue persists for the other octave manipulating clefs, across all instruments previously mentioned. Also, it automatically links to the tenor sax part, and would create an issue similar to the last paragraph if it did work.

Welcome to the forum, jdave99. You should find that if you go to Setup mode and open the player card for the player holding baritone sax, you can hover over the little label that says ‘Baritone Sax’ and a chevron > will appear: click this with the left mouse button and a menu will appear from which you can choose Change Instrument. Choose the baritone sax that says ‘Bass Clef Full Score’ in the third column in the picker. You will then need to delete the bass clef you’ve created in the score, of course.

Octave clefs don’t change the octave at which the music is written or the octave at which it sounds in Dorico: those behaviours are defined in the instruments, rather than being applied by the clefs.

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I have the same issue as jdave 99. I tried Daniel’s fix of changinging instrument but all the baritone sax options result in the same clef in score and part. Changing eg bass clef in part to treble clef results in a change in the score too. I need concert score with bari sax in bass clef and transposed part for bari sax in treble clef. Is that possible? It seems an obvious functionality?

I have just found this post from december “Add an explicit clef at the start of the score - whichever clef you want to display in the score. Then, with that clef selected (orange) right-click and go Clef > Transposed pitch and select whichever clef you want it to display as in the part. Repeat for the other instruments.”
That works! great - no need to publish my post of 5 mins ago.