Keeping Cubase Pro 8.5 Up-to-Date

Hi. I’ve recently upgraded from C7 to CPro8.5 running on an “El Capitan” MacBook Pro and a UR825 interface. No outside plug-ins or anything. It’s a simple and clean Cubase/Steinberg system. So far so good. It occasionally tells me I don’t have a licence on launch, but a reboot solves that odd problem when it occurs.

Steinberg recently announced that a new version of Groove Agent SE (4.2.20) was available for CPro8.5. It appears to keep CPro8.5 updated I have to keep each of the individual software components inside C8.5 up-to-date. (I confess I find this tedious compared to the Apple App Store method of conveniently and automatically updating everything sourced through them on my system.)

My question: How can I tell if my entire Cubase/Steinberg system is fully up-to-date? Where can I find the version number of each component I have currently installed versus the latest version number?


Indeed it would be tedious if it was the case but it isn’t.

GASE update was an unusual case that got released outside of the package update schedule to get the fix to users quicker I guess.
in general you just update Cubase and that’s it.

Isn’t the update for groove agent and not se?

Thanks, Grim. I understand. (ps: Any idea why I get that licence glitch on startup sometimes?)

I guess the Groove Agent SE update was simply unusual:

Thanks for the feedback.