Keeping in Key

Hi Everyone :smiley:

Not being a keyboardist as such,but I heard of a feature in Cubase,that can show me if I am in scale or not,when drawing in midi notes,or playing them in and edting then by hand
Would like my music attempts to sound like music and not a lot of terrible noise :laughing:

Not entirely sure what to look for,(as I am a new user of Cubase since June this year) but think its something to do with the Chord track feature?
Going to have a look in the manual,and on Youtube too

But any help,would be appreciated

There are more detailed descriptions which are worth searching the forums for. But the short version is:

Create a Chord Track
On the Chord Track turn on Show Scales and turn off Automatic Scales - this lets you & not Cubase decide the scale.
Enter the Chords and/or Scales for your song in the Chord Track - this is what Cubase uses to evaluate notes.
In the Key Editor set the Color Events to Chord Track instead of the default Velocity.

Now your notes will be color coded
Green - in both scale & chord
Dark Blue - in chord but not scale
Light Blue - in scale but not chord
Red - not in scale or chord

Great!Thanks Raino,will give that a try :smiley:


You can also try this way.

Hey Martin, that’s pretty cool!

Congratulations Martin, that looks really slick.