Keeping it 24 bit

Hi there ,someone as asked me to put some sound fx instead of having gaps between the tracks for an album they are making ,anyway the unmastered tracks are 24 bit ,i thought i might set the project to 24 bit import the songs into cubase and line the songs up on one track then once i have all the fx and wot not finished between the songs (in the gaps )but on different tracks of course, i will then export it as one big file ,this is where i`m stuck,do i dither the track to 24 bit or do i not bother with dither and just export it as a 24 bit file. then it will be sent off to be mastered in one piece hopefully ,thanks.

I would just work in the native format of the premaster (24bit ???kHz sample rate) and export it without dither, that is, unless you will hear an obvious benefit to upsample/SRC for higher fidelity.

thanks for your reply .i havent received the 24 bit files yet so the ???kHz sample rate, i dont know yet .

so i`ve been grabbing a few sound fx from utube ,the program i am downloading with has a a few conversion options on bit rate and samplerate etc ,but say if i downloaded some audio at 12 bit and put it into my project what is set at 24 bit what happens to the 12 bit file from there on, because it will be heavily edited so does the bit rate change to 32 bit because of editing, thanks

It has been a while since I came across this, but I believe Cubase allows different bit rates in the same project, but sample rate should be the same. If memory serves, I converted everything to the native master format just for coherency using R8brain.

Another option that could work for you, instead of snagging people’s stuff off YouTube, try

snagging!! snagging!! thats my Gollum impersonation , thanks for your reply ,the ones i took were peoples demos they were giving away, all i was after was an helicopter ,mob, fire, screams,universe, yes the sound of the universe i think that one was wrong cause apparently the universe is supposed to resonate in the key of Bb .i put it right though with the transpose tool ,dont know if anybody noticed anything weird on tuesday lol .i didnt know NASA had people up there with mics hope they remember the 3 to 1 rule. oh by the way i use 44100 sample rate only because most things seem to be at that rate, thanks for the info and knowledge

There is another one I use, but I can’t remember the name. Easy to search places like freesound and get it in wav format.