Keeping notes and lyrics visible, but hiding everything else

Attached is what my client needs. Can I do this on Dorico?

Everything invisible with only notes and rhythms visible… A great project for the utilization of flows… I know this subject has come up before. Thanks, all!

Try this: Swing indications using system text - #14 by tisimst - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

While using Ritmico is a nice approach to doing it outside of Dorico, I don’t think this kind of thing is a good fit for Dorico at the moment. In the future we certainly anticipate making it possbile to change the number of staff lines, but it’s not something that is possible at the moment.

This is promising (for later) I think.
A little tweak in an xml-file and import it in Dorico can give this result.

Jan (388 KB)

Nice done!
Out of curiosity would you mind to share the XML tweak?


I made a new file with one instrument: bongo and no meter.
Inserted notes and lyrics.
Exported it as xml-file.
In the xml-file in the first bar I added a few lines (|) under attributes:

12 1 percussion 1 | | 0 |

And imported it back in Dorico
The closing barline is the dashed one (in this case invisible).

(the use of this tweak has as consequence (presumably) amongst others that the dots of repeat-barlines are not visible)


Thank you Jan, very interesting indeed.
I love manipulating things under the hood :slight_smile: