Keeping Nuendo (slave) in sync to extern (master) machine LTC - MTC

Nuendo continu running while MTC master stops.
Running DAW as slave to extern machine using LTC (SMPTE)
Converting the incomming LTC to MTC via Motu Midi Express XT or Tascam DM-4800.
The MTC stops in Clocksworks, but Nuendo keeps saying “Locked” an run’s until i press stop in the DAW. Take the machine futher an yes Nuendo jumps to that location when i press play on the machine. So it folows the right time at the start point, but after that?? Is it in sync??
Slow down the machine, Nuendo is not slowing down, while “locked” is on the transport bar.
That’s not right!!

Sure your are not in Jam Sync?

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Wow you’re right!
That was the problem.
Thank you very much!!
It’s start and stop correctly now