Keeping Project Cursor to the left during playback

Is it possible to have the cursor’s default position to the left of the project? Perhaps 1/3 on the left instead of in the middle. Your focus is on what’s coming in the arrangement not on what’s passed.

I don’t think it’s possible.

I wish for that every day. Been requested for years. (Cubase and Nuendo)

Yeah, same here, I’ve been wanting this for years.

The cursor ends up on the right of the arrange page when you have the inspector open on the left and there are really long track names. So much wasted space behind the cursor

I’ve added this to the Feature Requests

Definitely needed. It’s the little things like this that add up in day-in-day-out work on Cubendo.

So annoying for decades, I just forgot how much needed this is!

And of course we want the option to put it on the right…
When we’re doing large acquisition projects we want the cursor toward the right so we have the maximum amount of just-recorded waveform visible to look for issues.
Sounds like a nice request idea.

Yeah, good idea.

While reprogramming the default Project Cursor’s Position maybe Steinberg could overthink to implement a “variable playhead position” in the Mixer’s Waveform Meters too?
At least; I’d love to have the possibility to see more (or less) of the upcoming waveform in this meter?!

Niek/ Amsterdam.