Keeping Project Cursor to the left during playback

Please incorporate a setting that allows us to place the cursor towards the left of the arrange page.



+1 This little feature would be greatly received.

I always wondered about people’s obsession with the past… :laughing:

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+1 Highly useful and necessary.

So annoying for decades, I just forgot how much needed this is!

If you want that happened (give more chances) rate the topic, not only +1 in thread.

+1 please.

Here’s a really good use-case for having the cursor on the left. I quite often tighten drum recordings (during pre-production) by switching to TimeWarp, playing the track and moving the bar-lines to the drum hits as the track is playing, conforming the audio events to the tempo map, then smoothing the tempo map. But, to move bar-lines while playing the audio I have to expand the project window across both my monitors so I can see enough drum hits on the right hand side of the cursor, thus on the right hand monitor. With a feature to stick the cursor towards the left of the project window I would have a larger view of the up-coming audio and wouldn’t need the 2nd monitor view.

I’d also like to add to this request. It would be good to see the cursor ‘drift’ over to the right side when rewinding, so that we can see what we’re rewinding towards as well.




Hope new forum gets that rating thingy also - or is my browser not supporting something?

+1 for OP suggestions if we talk stationary cursor. Free placement and lock, what a boost.

The problem is even worse than stated. When scrolling occurs, play is stopped and the original cursor position is restored, the placement is such that the appears nearer the right edge of the page. This is brain-dead. It is extremely rare that we are interested in editing material to the left of the cursor. When setting up positioning to a new scroll position, put the cursor near the left edge and let us view mostly material to the right of the cursor.

If I could choose just one thing that SB must fix, it would be this deeply annoying behavior.

@dmbaer I am using static cursor so the problem is not so annoying to me…



Dear Lord… this is one of those ‘Annual Requests’ even -I- forgot I had asked for 15 years ago. :smiley:

So many basic requests that never get done–simply because only sexy new features tend to happen nowadays.