Keeping Project Window display constant when changing tempo?

This has been bugging me for awhile, so help me before I snap. :cry:

Assume, for example, I’m in the Project Window zoomed to locators around bars 64-67 with the cursor at the start of bar 64 and a fixed tempo of 120. Then if I change the tempo to say 80, the locators stay around bars 64-67 but the cursor moves to the middle of bar 42 and the number of measures visible on the screen decreases to partial 42 through partial 45. Whats happening is that the cursor and the number of bars displayed are kept constant with respect to actual time, i.e. the cursor remains at the 2:08 position both before and after the tempo change. Is there any way to have the display and cursor remain at the same musical position (bar 64) and not the same minutes and seconds position?

This is particularly annoying when cycling through a range of bars and adjusting the tempo to find the right tempo. I’d prefer the cursor and display stay musically consistent and not time consistent. I assume there is a setting somewhere to adjust this behavior, but I can’t find it.

Have you upgraded to 7.0.2? I noticed a few improvements withthis sort of thing in that update.