Keeping several tabs open in the Inspector

I really wish there would be a way to keep more than one tab open in the Inspector. I have a 43" 4K screen which would have plenty of space to show easily 3-4 open tabs at the same time. Or give us the option to at least “lock” one tab that stays constantly open while clicking around in the other ones. I would love to be able to see e.g. the “fader” and “inserts” open at the same time in the Inspector without having to open the “edit channel” settings.
This would really help using the screen space in the Inspector on larger screens.

I agree the inspector tabs could work a little better.

But have you tried pinning the tabs in the setup window?

And if you hold the command key while clicking on a tab, it will prevent other tabs from closing automatically.

Thanks for that tip. That is already very helpful. Not sure how I never found this before… :man_facepalming:t3:
Nevertheless I still would love to "pin’ 1 or 2 tabs that always stay open, no matter where else I click.

Yes. +1 vote for this