Keeping Support and Drive Updates

I have owned a Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 audio interface for some time, and the interface is in perfect physical condition (very resistant components and structure, with high quality materials).
However, for some time now, since 2020, Focusrite has discontinued support for this interface, leaving people like me to fend for themselves. They provide a video with instructions on how to optimize Windows 10 to handle audio interfaces, but recently I needed to roll my system back to stage zero and reinstall things again, and Saffire’s Windows behavior changed from the previous installation. , becoming much more unstable. This would be easily resolved if Focusrite hadn’t discontinued the line and kept updating the driver.
I have decided that I will never buy anything from Focusrite again, and the Steinberg UR44C Interface is the one I will most likely purchase.
However, I don’t want to go through the same problem again (which would have the same consequence of me never wanting to buy anything from the brand again).
How likely is it that Steinberg will discontinue support and driver updates for the UR44C in less than 5 years?

Thank You

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It looks like the first Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 was released in the mid 2000s which is quite a long life span if they only dropped support in 2020.

Or was your version more recent?

You could usually expect a product like an interface to have a 10 year life cycle in terms of support (based on its initial release date) but sometimes it could be longer or shorter for different reasons. You can often eek the life span beyond the support period but you do have to freeze your OS in some cases. If it works don’t change anything and stay away from updates and the internet. Any product that was based on FireWire (FW) is also heading into the support sunset (or has already). Manufacturers began moving away from that format some time ago and many FW products from multiple vendors (including from Steinberg) are no longer actively supported. Unfortanaly, FW was likethe Betamax to USB’s VHS-like dominance in that particular format war.

If you really want long term driver support then look into RME inerfaces. They’re big dollars but their long term driver support is known to be phenomenal. You pay the extra money to get this. I tend to live on the laggard side of the equation myself but stick by the rule of not changing anything if it’s all working: