keeping tabs open in Track Inspector

After switching to C9, I can’t seem to keep the various tabs expanded, that I have in my track inspector , when I bounce back and forth between different audio tracks in the project window. I have the Inserts, Fader and Sends tabs available on all my audio tracks and would like those tabs to stay expanded. I can do this when I command-click on these tabs in any audio channel I’ve selected, but once I go to another track they’re all closed.
When I was using CB8 it seemed that once I expanded these tabs on a track, I could go to any audio track and they’d stay expanded. Not the case now. Is there a setting somewhere for this?


Steinberg did fix some of the inspector tab issues in the CB 9 maintenance releases. So make sure you have applied the latest Cubase maintenance fix (9.0.20) and check again.

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