Keeping text blocks from full score in instrumental parts


I have just completed quite a large music theatre piece. I wishing now to make the parts. The problem I have is that there are text block layouts in the full score that I’d like to maintain in the parts layout. Is this possible?

thank you

If you added them as text frames, they won’t be available in parts (as by default, “scores” and “parts” use separate page template sets).

You could recreate the text frames on the relevant page templates for the Default Part page template set?

If you added the text frames directly only individual pages, those will be treated as page overrides, independent of the underlying page templates.

Depending on where they should be placed, I sometimes find it best to add these as text above the staff. (Staff-attached)


Dear Lillie Harris

thank you for your response. Ok I’ll reflect on this. I’m still quite new to Dorico so not totally up to speed on page templates. but I’m guessing a bit of time invested might save me time in the long term



Can you post a screenshot of one of them?

Thanks Dan

crumbs this forum is so helpful.

This idea will work for some of it, but some of the text blocks are quite large

thank you



here is a screen shot of my problem

Oh yes, here I’d definitely recommend creating this as a custom page template – as it’s a standalone page, you can create it once, then transfer it to the other page template set so both score and parts have access to it.

I’ll pop some links below to help you work with page templates (this first link has a video embedded on it which might provide a nice introduction)

Then here’s how to get the template onto a specific page:

And transfer it from the score set into the parts set, or vice versa:


oh blimey Lillie I am beginning to get it, I can see hopefully how it could be very useful.



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Hello, sorry to trouble you again. Is it possible to copy the content from one page template to another?

Can you describe the situation you’re in where you’re wanting to copy page templates? There are a few ways to do various operations that could be classed as “copying” so it depends on where you are now and what you want to end up with.

Sure ok.

If I want these two pages, which I’ve now created (I hope) as page templates in the full score to appear in the instrumental parts. How do I import them or copy them across into the parts?

In that case, it should be as simple as:

  1. Open a part layout in the music area

  2. In Engrave mode, in the panel on the right, import these two page templates into the Default Part page template set

  3. Once they’ve been imported, you can assign them to the first two pages in each part layout.

similarly I believe I’ve created this page as a template of its own

How do I import this one? The workflow process isn’t clear to me I’m afraid

(Note that if you added empty pages in the score and drew these frames onto those added pages, they’re not page templates: they’re page overrides. And unfortunately, it’s not possible to “promote” page overrides and turn them into page templates.)

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Ah, there’s my problem. OK thanks anyway


“Custom” page templates (and user Page Template Sets) are your friends here. You can assign a custom page template to any page in the score (and it will push the existing musical material (although not any page overrides) to the following page.

If your pagination changes, you can remove the custom template from its wrong position and assign it to a new position.

thank you Derrek. I’ll bear this in mind for a future project. But unfortunately I created my page layouts through overrides. Pity I can’t ‘promote’ a page I’ve created into a template and/or copy it as a standalone graphic so that it can be imported into parts and so on.

Oh well



Recreating those pages once as custom page templates will hopefully still be a lot quicker than doing so manually for each part! You can copy/paste the text within them like you would in any other application, but they won’t retain their formatting, so you’d need to reapply the bold etc.

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Yes I’m beginning to think you’re right. I’m attempting now