Keeping two copies in sync and migration

Hi everyone, two questions:

  1. I’m in the process of upgrading from C11 to C12. As usual, generic remotes haven’t been copied across. Sigh…
    Anyone got a better solution than exporting and re-importing? I’ve got about 8 set up.

  2. With the new licensing system (huzzah!) I’m going to be able to finally use Cubase a bit more on the go (I simply don’t trust dongles out and about). I’ve asked this over on the Dorico forums as well, as I’m running into the same issue. Is there a way to keep two copies of the software in sync without doing loads of grunt work?

All advice welcome!



Hi, I am unable to assist with your first question, but for the second, do you mean keeping project files in sync? If so, I record to an external SSD so I simply plug this into whichever computer I am using.

No, I mean preferences, user profiles etc etc. I already host my project files on Dropbox (despite some ocassional grumpiness with the file system it works ok).

This is so when I sit down at my laptop EVERYTHING is the same as when I was at my desktop. Thanks!