Keeping up with the Steinbergs

My first encounter with Steinberg was my first sequencer Cubase III running on an Atari 1040 STE back in 1991.
That led to upgrades to Cubase SX, then Cubase 4 and finally Cubase 5 (all 32-bit under WIN XP) which i currently use.

I’ve also been thru 3 DAW upgrades, the last one occurring in 2008.
I know I’m not telling a story that isn’t common to probably 95% of Cubase Users.
However, for me, this music thing is a hobby, albeit an important one.

I was all set to upgrade from my current Cubase 5.5.3 to Ver 6 when I see that 6.5 is now available.

I’ve looked at the feature comparison charts for the 6.5 versions but i don’t see a feature comparison chart between ver 6 and 6.5. If one exists can someone please point me to it?

Likewise, can anyone tell me why I should now upgrade from Ver 5 to 6.5?
Again, looking at the comparison chart, it appears that most of the differences in the 6.5 version occurs in the workflow area.
Is there a video where one can see Cubase 6.5 workflow in action?

Is there a reason that i would need Cubase 6.5 over the Artist 6.5 version?

If I weren’t retired, I wouldn’t even be asking these questions, but at this point, I need to be able to justify to the CFO my “needs” for the fully equipped version.

The last time i updated my DAW, I told her it would be the last time that i would need to do that.
I’m upgrading that as well to 64-bit with a new faster processor and additional RAM which is going to cost me many honey-dos. :open_mouth:

:laughing: Seems i’m still breathing and in need of some suggestions.

Thanks in advance for replying. :slight_smile:
ciao, Dan

Besides the fact it “looks” better, it does actually work better as well.

I know this from Vista as v5 operates in compatibility mode and does not recover from a cold boot with UAD, whereas v6 does.

Under Support
Current Downloads
Select “Cubase 6.5” from the Downloads Software list
“New Features in Cubase 6.5” is what you’re looking for.

If memory serves, Cubase 6.5 added the following over 6:

  • Soundcloud integration
  • FLAC support
  • Rewire 64bit support
  • New lane comping features
  • Retrologue instrument
  • Padshop instrument
  • Morphfilter effect
  • DJ-EQ effect
  • Simplified Chinese GUI

Besides: You can’t upgrade to Cubase 6 anymore. It’ll take you direct to 6.5.

If you upgrade now, you’ll get a license for 6.5, but will be able to run either 6 or 6.5. Perhaps that wasn’t part of the question, but it seemed you were on the fence about which to get. You wouldn’t have to choose between them while purchasing an upgrade from 5.5. My understanding, but I’m wrong a lot. :confused:

There’s probably a way to run both on the same machine if you simply specify separate directories. Could be wrong though.

but will be able to run either 6 or 6.5.

To put this in a technical context, 6.5 (6.05) are the latest current version(s) and soon the latter will be 6.06.

Hey Guys,
Thanks for the quick responses. It looked like the upgrade to 6.5 was going to cost more than i thought.
But I’m in the product section and it looks like the update for 6.5 from my current 5 is $199.
Just checking to see if I can get it shipped to the guy who is going to be rebuilding my DAW.
He will install the upgrade for $25. That sounds like a reasonable price.
Now to practice my feasibility report to the CFO.
Wish me luck. :slight_smile:
Thanks everybody.