Keeping various Cubendo Systems in Sync (Win/Mac)?

Hi there,

I have some problems to find out the best possible way to keep all my installations of Cubase and Nuendo in Sync when it comes to user-data (keycommands, all kind of presets etc) - that means, I need a way to sync different versions on the same system (Cubase 5, 6, Nuendo 4, 5) as well as I have an old system (XP) were I have loads of presets which I still not transfered to a recent system (Win7) AND I have a Mac Book running C5 and N4.

  • I am confused were are all the presets stored on Win 7 as well as it was cryptic in XP as well because there is not ONE folder, there are various. I never get it were Steinberg Applications are storing the presets and stuff, there is almost no schema, they are spread all over the place, but never there where I try to find them.

  • Of course I am aware of the folders in the user-data, but when it comes to presets I have no clue

  • I would like to use an USB stick for transfering user-data, but I don’t know for sure which folders / files I should copy/overwrite. Cause I don’t want to kill files which are containing not-compatible settings (Mac-Win)

  • Where are presets stored on a Mac? I have no clue about Macs… I am even not able to find the VST Plugins, Nuendo says they are in Library/Audio/VST - but there are only those which were copied to that directory manually - some others which had an installer, Drumagog and Sonnox are not there, but in the Plugin Manager this path is shown… Are they invisible?

I know that some of you are running multiple systems… Fredo… ? And I know that these are many questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing a bit of your workflow :slight_smile:


So I am the only dude who has more than one system running Nuendos and Cubases? :wink:


My apologies for not responding.
The best you can do is create a very clear preset in the plugin or part of the application.
Something like"Whereareyou".
Then do a C-drive search to find out where the preset is located.
Document and transfer to the other machines.

Since the locations are very different between the OS’s, there is no beginning to list everything.
So it’s better you search for it yourself.
Also, some third party installers put stuff in the “wrong” location, so it might get confusing.
But it’s the only method to obtain some insight in the process.


Hi Fredo,

thanks a lot - I highly appreciate your input - as always!

Well, that is a good idea - I will do that, I was under the impression there is a more easy way :slight_smile:

What’s with the applictation data itself? I am never sure what I should backup/copy to restore Nuendo/Cubase setings. Of course I usually set up the program-prefs and stuff like that individual - but some more global things could be exchanged easily - or not? Shortcuts and stuff.


Just make a copy of everything.
When you need to restore something, you can replace them one by one; or put back your originals one by one, until you bump into the problem.


apart from the plugins that are built into the nuendo application, plugins on mac are either:

boot drive>library>audio>plugins>


your home folder>>library>audio>plugins>

I hate computer admin, nothing more boring, but sadly it’s very important.