Keeps crashing

This was a waste of money, keeps crashing and freeze keeps omitting the first beat. Not able to create own instruments, never had these problems in 2. Also where is the cpu meter? How can I get a refund? This upgrade sucks, the only useful thing is the grouping of tracks, haven’t tried it yet, doubt if it will work.

Hi Dfx13,

We are very sorry to read about your issues with Cubasis 3!

We will do our best to have the Cubasis 3 issues addressed quickly.
To do so, it would be very helpful if you could support us with a short description how to reproduce the issue.

One our engineers can reproduce the problem, there might be a good chance to have it fixed.

If you insist, to get a refund for your Cubasis 3 purchase, please get in touch with Apple, who handle the iOS app purchases.


Description: I am using an IPad 12.9 inch, 512 gigs 2018 with the latest updates, so I was expecting same or better performance with the new app. Instead I get crackles and distortions in audio which I never had in Cubasis 2. Sounds goes mute when playing sometimes, I have to close and re-open to get the sound back, and while working on projects with reason compat as a midi inter-app Cubasis 3 crashes even after I freeze and delete midi tracks. Sometimes the frozen tracks are missing the first beat. I really love this DAW, please fix bugs, like I said I had no problems with Cubasis 2. Also why do I have to import created instruments from 2 to 3 instead of just creating them in Cubasis 3 in the first place? Please can you guys create a drum pad that you could add your own sounds if possible? Ok hope I don’t sound complacent, lol. Not sure how to help you to recreate the issues, did the best I could.

Hi Dfx13,

Thank you for your reply.

If possible, please let us have a short bug report using the form below.
It is also fine, if you add a short video clip, which demonstrates the steps required.

Thanks again for your support!


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