Keeps saying I haven't activated my Pro Licence despite recognising USB

Hi all,

Last week I installed a new SSD in my Macbook and re-installed Cubase 10.5. I’ve got the eLicenser Control Center going and it recognises my USB licence, but whenever I launch Cubase it pops up telling me I haven’t activated my Pro License and I have x amount of time remaining.

I originally assumed this was somehow overriding my licence and that once the countdown got to zero it might finally accept my USB license as valid, but I was just working on a track and the warning popped up out of nowhere again and crashed the session.

So now it’s personal. I’m also worried that when the countdown gets to the bottom it’s still not going to accept it.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

It seems like you are trying to use 10.5 when you only have a license for 10. If you were using 10.5, it was most likely running from the “All Applications” license. Have you purchased 10.5?

yep… no Cubase 10.5 License

Oh I see, thanks. I didn’t realise 10.5 wasn’t a free update from 10. I’ve worked on a couple of sessions on 10.5 now, will they still be openable in vanilla 10? I don’t think I’ve used any features I had never used before.

normally they do
to make a backup before would be a good idea