Keith Tatham

Hi All,
Just a compostion I did for Keith Tatham for the Songs Of Love Organization. I’m one of the many staff writers for this company that does amazing things for children. Keith likes jazz so that is the format. Read the description below the video after listening. Thanks!


Created on Cubase Studio 5 performing all instruments and vocals

Beautifully played and mixed, great composition…did I leave anything out…yep I love this and your cause sounds wonderful, music heals for sure. Tell us a little bit about production (instruments used, plugs etc)
look forward to hearing more, great job with video!

Thanks for your kind words Kenny! Yes, this organization is a chance for me to give something back.

It’s funny, most of the tracks are HalionOne with the exception of kick, hats and ride from Addictive Drums. The standup bass is Kore. I’m playing a Washburn KC90 guitar through a Digitech RP21D processor. (didn’t print any effects from this, just used as a tube preamp)
Vocals are sung through an Octavia (Russian handmade) dynamic and plugged into a Tascam FW-1082. (interface/soundcard/mixing board/controller)
All effects in this song (compression, delay, chorus) are native CB effects with the exception of reverb which is a Wave Arts program. I mixed through an old pair of passive Event 20/20 monitors. (nice and flat)

Very nice! Kenny said it. Nicely played - well mixed! Thanks for sharing, Will. :slight_smile:

Thank you Lenny! Nice to hear from fellow CB musicians! We’re all in this together. :slight_smile:

Very cool song, really loved the bass and guitar parts. The melody was cool too, same for the vocal harmonies. Really good going in every aspect of composition, arrangement, performance and production. I hope Keith liked it a lot. Once again, very great thing you’re doing.

really enjoyed this…such good work…Kevin

Thanks much guys!