Kemper - Program changes

Hello, the guitarist of our band asked me how I could make the sound changes for the Kemper with VL.
My question: what is the easiest way to do the sound changes? Midi track? Program change?


at the moment a MIDI Track will not work. Have a look here. I would suggest to use a layer, route your output to your MIDI-Out device which is connected with your Kemper and adjust the MIDI settings of the Layer for sound change.


Ok, but the point of sound changes for my keyboards and the guitars are different. So i don’t want to add more parts with layers only for the guitars.

A Part can hold any amount of Layers, so switching keys and git simultaneously can easily be performed within the same Part.

hi musicullum,
Yes, that is clear. The guitarist asks that I make his program changes with VL too. These changes are between 2 parts for the keyboards. Same song.
Is it possible to get a Part only for external midi devices?
These parts should not influence the original parts.

I don’t understand that question.

I have a Part “Verse”. It has 2 Layers, the first sends a MIDI Program Change to my guitarists fx device via external MIDI, the other holds a plugin instrument for my keyboard. What else do you need?

i have a part 1 (1.1.0) with 2 layer for keyboards (piano and organ).
i have a part 2 (5.1.0) with 1 layer for guitar with a program change for the kemper (midi device).
But part 1 should remain active, I do not want to change these sounds.
I only want to send a program change to the Kemper, this program change has nothing to do with the part of the keyboards, but time delayed.
The easiest way would be to program a midi track with the sound changes for the kemper, unfortunately this is not possible, or is it?

Then just don’t add any. You can remove the Layer. If you don’t want it in the first place, tick “Edit/Preferences/Layer/No default Layer”, then no Layer will be created when a new Part is added.
Also you can copy/paste Parts and Layers, either via menu and context menu, or dragging to/from Media Bay.

Sure, create MIDI event (double-click on track) and add Program Changes in “Edit/MIDI List Editor…”.

Hi Musicullum,
i don’t know where i could insert a program change , in the midi editor i have only the choice to manipulate the velocity of notes…
Or do i make this in cubase?

  • Create (MIDI) Layer(s) in any “song” or furthermore “part”
  • For MIDI OUT select the corresponding MIDI out (instead of an e.g.: virtual instrument)
  • There is a little circle in the left-bottom of the Layer container, click it!
  • There you have 8pcs of freely selectable CC’s :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to set the same MIDI channel with your external device!

Create a Midi Event, select it, and open Edit/Midi List Editor.

Layers have an extra PGM CHG item, sent along with Bank Select Lsb/Msb when activated and the Part is selected. For Pgm Chg in Tracks see other reply.

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layer do not work for me!!!
I need a separate midi track for the kemper!!!

hi musicullum, works now. Thanks for your help
now we have to find a solution for the video track that stuttered VL.

„Layers don‘t work for me!!!“
That was in reply to fkalmus.

Looking into it.