Kerning menu for Chord Symbols with custom font

I’m making a collection of lead sheets that use custom house style, which also uses a custom font for chord symbols. I can use Edit Chord Symbol Appearances menu to fix the symbols that don’t kern well, but doing this only fixes the symbols in one project. To have them saved also for other projects, I have to duplicate the project and start a new one from there to have the previous changes saved also in a new tune. But working with 40+ songs like this doesn’t get you very far, as I’m doing rounds of edits to all songs simultaneously, which also includes fixing the kernings on the later rounds of proofreading.

Would be great to have a menu where you can do all the kerning for every symbol with a set custom font, save it and use it for every project you need that will update symbols also in already existing projects. It could have the default kerning settings already applied, so you don’t necessarily need to kern all the thousands of combinations, but rather step by step the ones you need. With a filter, f.e. MAJ chords – shows all the possible MAJ chords and lets you fix & save the default kerning, then all MAJ7 (already uses saved MAJ settings), then all MAJ7 (#11) and so on.

Probably not a feature that will benefit a lot of people, but certainly useful for anyone who works with custom fonts, house styles, uses Dorico for publishing and so on.

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You should find that using the Project Default Chord Symbols dialog and then saving your edits as defaults works as you wish, plus you can also use the new Library Manager in Dorico 4 to apply changes to different projects.

Ah, makes sense. But now I also remembered why I’m not using Save as Default already, because Dorico freezes every time I have tried to do that.

Hopefully you’ll find that is no longer the case as of today’s Dorico 4.0.20 update.