Kewl Blue; From Zkeys Music

Hope you enjoy, Just finished this one…might need a remix :slight_smile: but really needs another title any suggestions?

This is not my cup of tea at all, but I really enjoyed that track! is all of that recorded, no VSTi’s?

The trio recorded live. A freind who plays with some country artist is playing Roland V-Drums into Cubase triggering BFD JNF and EZ Drummer. The Percussion is played by trigger V-Drum into BFD - Percussion. The Piano is played live by me no over dub using a Akai MPK88 triggering Vienna Imperial x64. The Bass is live being played by Gary “Brotherman” Branchaud I think it is a Fender Precision 5 string.
Overdubs were done with cut and past of Piano (doing odd bridge part where it opens up a lot) doubled onto Omnisphere with vibe sound (adjust ADSR on it), Synth Pad is Omnisphere and ending had a bit of Omnishere synth part to counter piano.
I play and write a lot of different styles. This was a living room late night Jam that came from sketch Gary and I thru together :slight_smile: but we did play with a click :frowning: lol
Thanks for listening even though you don’t do this kind of music, I hope you found something to relate to with it.

This is really good stuff. I think maybe that snare is a little too far back but other than that, well done all of you :sunglasses:

Really nice! Love the piano work, and the bass is well done as well. Nicely recorded. My only issue is with the drums.
I’m not crazy about the sounds from the Vkit for this genre, and the playing, while it does have some nice moments here and there(some of the cymbal work is interesting), needs to be lighter, tighter, and more expressive in this genre. It’s kinda plodding - like a rock drummer trying his hand at soft jazz for the first time.
Call me spoiled, but I’d like to hear Steve Gadd working some of that subtle magic he does. :slight_smile:
Since you used a click, you might consider auditioning some of the grooves from EZDrummers’s Jazz EZX.

Or maybe you’d like to keep it as is, since it was a live performance played by friends - in which case you can
disregard everything I’ve said thus far. :wink: (hope the drummer’s not reading this) :blush:

Nicely done, thanks for putting it up for us to hear. I’d say drums are a bit heavy; maybe a little less reverb on them? But you guys can play.

I think I really agree with you. I was planning on doing a re-cut of the drums. They are bugging me also and you called it a spade so thanks so much for that! Great ear he does play mostly rock and country rock which is what we were cutting for a client that day. I do a ton of programing but was hoping to try the v-drum, maybe you’re right just the wrong guy playing them but we were all there that night lol. I think it might be worth going to the studio and redoing them. What about the percussion (conga and wind chime/wood block etc) I did that part on the v’drum, but should I get another human for that?

I will repost if I get that done. I think i will post one that is bass-keys next. Thanks so muck to everyone, it means the world to be able to get straight up critiques.

You’re welcome. I’m on a mini vacation and using my iPhone,
so can’t listen again right now, but I think I recall liking the perc -
Especially some well placed wind chimes. I’ll be home sat and give another listen.

Very enjoyable, I agree with the other comments bout the drum samples, but it is still a great piece of work. Well done.

Lenny, I’ve been listening to your playing and really digging it.
I am going to recut drums this weekend or 1st part of next week. I’ve got a friend from NY that volunteers every so often and we are cutting a tune sort of in My Spanish Heart album vain. He’s been working on a project with Adam Nitti so drums are already tweeked at his studio (Denny Jiosa is engineer). I’m going to try and get Denny to mix for me, I really trust his ear
Lenny do you by any chance play upright? It would fun to cross country recording lol
I might be sticking my neck out but I ask about upright just because I really want to try and do a collaboration acoustic thing. I have been writing with a few bass players but it’s all been electric and concept for this project is bass and keys.

Nice and fluffy …
… but the power ballad rim shot ruined it! :mrgreen:
I see you already have that covered and everything else is already said.
Keep it acoustic! :sunglasses:

Looking forward to the new drum track.

No I don’t play upright. I do play fretless and I’d love to collab with you if you like. Anytime.


A really nice piece, enjoyed it.

Agree the drums are sometimes a bit heavy and a bit too much. Chimes are nice but (IMHO) overdone;
by song’s end I found myself wanting to throttle the player. :unamused: :blush:

Keep 'em coming!