Key and Remote Commands Window focus news

Timo W. from SB posted regarding this- I thought I would cross post it to the Cubase forum, since it’s of (great) interest.

thanks for the post…
probably its gonna be in next cubendo version,as i think one of main remake on new cubendo versions is windows handling

OOhh right so they are buying them selves more time as Velge said just after the release of 7 that it was not possible at that point to remove with white focus border but they were working on it …so a year and 3 months later it’s the same answer .
Looks like your going to have to buy 8 for this function . Good luck with that .

Nothing particularly wrong with posting a snarky response, but at least it should be on topic.

So the focus issue is not what im talking about then , the focus issue and the focus boarder are the same issue and having to click between the project page and the mixer which has the white Focus border is the same issue is it not ?

My biggest “mixer focus key command” issue was the channel configurations presets.
But these now work on my MCU regardless of focus.

A welcome fix that I discovered in the midst of writing up a “why hasn’t it been fixed!” post.