Key and time stretch challenge...

Can anyone get this Bass note (root key= C0) to sound clean like the original and go the same length after dropping it on the C0 pad in Groove Agent, turning on “key range” under the “pitch” tab and setting the note range to the lowest and the highest, then turn on “Audio Warp” under the “sample” tab? Play with the setting as much as you want and feel free to try the sample in HALion 5 as well if you have it, either way its not going to sound good even when played less than 2 octaves in either direction no matter what audio warp settings you use.

I was so shocked when I dropped the same file in Propellerhead Reason’s NN-XT and got superb results!

Im not bashing anyone but Im yet to see this impecable pitch/time stretching capability Steinberg claim to have.