Key Board Commands?shortcuts

I am 68 years old and really want to learn Cubase. I have started to read the user manual first by quickly scanning through it.

I know that somewhere I read a table that show keys to use for simple things like copy, paste and duplicate but I cannot find it again…

Is there anyone able to point me in the right direction please?


Hi John, I would just go into cubase and insert your own key commands which make sense to you. However if not

When you are in the Key Commands dialog the search box can really be your friend, especially when first becoming familiar with what Key Commands are even available.

I’ve been using Cubase since forever and once or twice a year I take a quick look at the available Key Commands because some of the ones I had no need for last year have magically become super useful now.

Cubase is big, so don’t let the initial learning curve get the best of you.