Key change out of the blue

very strange
in my full score in bar 106 I don’t have any key-change. Please see screenshot 1 - in my Bb-clarinet-part, all of a sudden, I have a key change in bar 106 ???
I’m sorry, I can’t attach the file - it’s nearly 250 pages.
If it’s easily solved, great - if i have to attach the file, please forgive me this post.

no key change anywhere in the full score

key change in the clarinet part in bar 106 - for me with no reason

Instrument change from Clarinet in A to Clarinet in Bb, perhaps?

Come on! Your top image does not show the start of the line where any set key signature would be. Presumably it is D major/B minor for a transposing instrument.

You part shows a key change at measure 71, a measure not shown in your original image, which would presumably carry through to the following system.

I always write without any key-signatures - that’s why I was confused…but I made a change to 24-EDO and for that I had to enter C-major key within the score…that’s what made the key-change…thanx Derrek…stupid me…

hmmm…the question is:
can I change to 24-EDO without effecting my key-signature in any part-layouts ?

  1. Select where you want the tonality system to change on the page.
  2. Select the tonality system in the right panel.
  3. Shift-K open Enter

Hey Leo,
that’s exactly what I would like to avoid, because of this you get the key-change in the clarinet voice.

By entering an open key signature, you do avoid this.

ahhh…that’s great. I didn’t know that this is possible.

Thank you !