key change

Hi All
I have recently purchased the Steinberg with Cubase A1 7, I am dealing with purchased midi files at the moment and I am able to edit out instruments etc. that are not needed, however I have a song that is in E Major and I want to change the key to Eb as this is the key that the particular song was released as, and suits my singers voice, the key of E being slightly too high , can someone please offer assistance, as I would like to be able to change the key and then save it to mp3 format (which I already know how to do) so I can play with it live. I have just started a duo, so it is important that I can do this, that way I have more autonomy if the singer is having problems with a particular key,
Thanks in advance
John :slight_smile:

Click on the required midi track. select the midi inspector tab and in there you will find a midi modifier option where you can transpose down 1 semitone. This does not change the midi notation but applies the transpose, so you can experiment.
I think that is what you’re after.

Thanks heaps Neil B !!! )