Key changes in the cubase 8 score editor

I have read the score editor manual for Cubase 8 and it is about as clear as peanut butter. Is the score editor capable of key changes at a given point in the score? Example, at measure 51 I am going from a D major to a C major. The manual touches on it briefly, but doesn’t explain HOW to do it. Is this possible?

Yes, from the “Keys” (or “Clefs etc.”) Symbols palette.
Just select the Keys symbol, and then click at the desired position in the score.

Thank you SO much Vic_france. Do you by chance know hoe to add staves to an existing score?

A staff is merely a representation of a MIDI track (with the added feature that a single staff can be expanded into a piano-style RH/LH grand staff in Score Settings>Staff Settings>Polyphonic).
So, if you open MIDI Parts simultaneously that are on several MIDI tracks, each Part (i.e. MIDI track) will be on its own staff in the current Score display.
I really do recommend that you try to acquire the taste for “peanut butter” :wink:… There’s a lot of info in there :wink:.