Key changes mid way through a piece

I’m sure this has been raised already, but I’m afraid I can’t find the thread

I’m struggling to find how to change key mid way through a piece.

Any suggestions please

How about just changing the key you are playing. If you don’t know how, use a capo (if you’re playing a guitar or bass) or a transpose feature of your keyboard :sunglasses:

Sorry … couldn’t resist … now … back to business:

Could you explain your problem more precisely?

I recently got the software with my Zoom H4n and I intend to use it mostly for recording and mixing pieces from my band, but I thought I’d get to know Cubase by using it to produce a piece my choir are working on.

I’m using the score editor to write a choral piece in 4 parts. My intention is to produce Mp3 files of each track separately and a master of all 4 together so that (say) the tenors can practice their part without the distraction of the others and be able to listen to the whole thing as required.

The piece changes key part way through, it changes from F to G at bar 81. I’ve tried a capo, but the sopranos complained about it being too tight. I guess I could just start another track, but I thought there has to be some way to do it more neatly and change the key signature part way through the piece. Also I want to give people a copy of their part of the score without getting the selotape and scissors out.

Hope that helps with finding a solution