key command / AGENTS

How can i get some key command for the Agents configurations ?
show channels for tracks with data
etc .

that’s YEARS i’ve been waiting to display selected tracks in mix and windows but now i have to clic like crazy to get things i could have with simple shortcuts. (it’s availbale since 22-bc in protools !)

or did i miss something ?


I like to repeat myself over the forums:

please give us key commands for anything!

Key command support is much deeper in Cubase than most DAWs, but I agree that why stop now? Have key command hooks for EVERYTHING :smiley:

had to work with protools for some days and …
hell i guess i might start to mix bigger projects in protools now. it’s easier to display tracks in mix/edit and select groups with that “markers” function in PT than cubase8 with all thos dbl clic windows for W8 based bullsh|t

Most of the agents have key commands… under the mixer section or do you mean something else?

Yep, these already exist. What I want is key command for mixer configurations. Hurry!

mixer configurations like the 4 buttons up the top left? yes that would be useful