Key Command assignments not found in Dorico for iPad

The Key Commands list in Preferences shows shortcut key(s) assigned to a function. Fine. But how do I do the inverse - that is, find the function that a specific key is assigned to?

The best way I’ve found is to propose the key for another command and get the warning.

Me too. But in this case it was a blind alley. The warning said that “Y” (the key I want to use) is assigned to “NoteInput.Pitch? Pitch = x” but try as I might that led nowhere. So I checked the card Steinberg offers in Resources. It said “Y” = “Default Pitch”. But that too led nowhere. So that’s why I am seeking in inverse of the Key Commands list, to track Y directly.

It appears that the Key Command list does not fully correspond to what is in the product (Dorico for iPad). I wonder how that comes to be.

‘Y’ is used for unpitched percussion input.